Ayurway Integrative Approach

To create a powerful grassroots health culture based on integrative and preventive approach blending the best of East and West in both traditional and modern medical sciences.

To achieve this, we at Ayurway, have developed a unique diagnostic approach coupled with therapeutic techniques from all over the world to provide holistic healthcare for your healthy well-being.

Ayurway's Integrative Clinical Services

Our commitment is to synthesize the wisdom of traditional medicine with the benefits of modern science in order to create a culture of care and wellness that allows you to flourish in everyday life.

Veda Pulse

We combine the unique and comprehensive diagnostic techniques offered by Ayurvedic science with the rigor of clinical evidence from all over the world so that you can understand your body and its needs better.

Supportive Cancer Care

Our supportive, integrative, and preventive care aims to help you strengthening your mind, body, and spirit in order to reduce the side effects caused by radiation, chemo, and/or surgical cancer treatment.

Integrative Clinic

Synthesizing the benefits of a variety of herb-based medicinal techniques from the East with the power of clinical solutions from the West, we customize our care as an ally to your needs.

Global Herbal Store

A wide range of internationally-tested and expert-certified capsules, powders, oils and concoctions devoted to your well-being and health.

Panchakarma Therapy

One of the cornerstones of Ayurvedic medicine, this five-fold purification therapy aims to detoxify the mind and body, strengthen the immune system, and heal and restore inner balance and vitality.

Yoga Center

Dedicated to empowering your mind, body, and spirit, this form of yoga balances an intensely physical and rigorous workout with the mindufulness and self-awareness of yoga.


This therapeutic approach carries forward ancient traditions of using essential oils for medicinal use catered to your body's needs in order to restore one's wellbeing and health.

Five Sense Therapy

This therapeutic approach carries forward ancient traditions of using essential oils for medicinal use catered to your body's needs in order to restore one's wellbeing and health.

Ayurway Specialities


Acne, Psoriasis, etc.

Mental Health

Stress Management, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression


Supportive Cancer Care


Thyroid disorders, etc.


Chronic Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis


Acidity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.


PCOS, etc.


Liver Disorders.


Chronic pain management, Paralysis, Migrane, etc.


Arthritis, Neck & Back Pain Issue


Computer Vision Syndrome, etc.


Chronic Bronchial Asthma & other Lung Disorders


- Hairfall, Dandruff, etc.

De-Addiction & Rehabilitation

Smoking & Alcohol De-Addiction

Lifestyle-related Disorders

Obesity, Diabetes, etc.

Ayurway Organised India's 1st Cancer Prevention Conference


Here's a cross section of what our wellness seekers have to say...

Sunanda Patil Back Problem

“I had a back pain problem and approached Radhaas Ayurway, They are very good, Aswini, at the reception was very helpful to give the information required. I had 7 sessions of therapy and my problem is completely solved now, I have never expected that Ayurveda gives such nice solutions to such deep rooted problems. The clinic looks very different with clean massage rooms.”

Manogna Migraine Problem

“I never believed in Ayurveda until I met Dr. Aditi, in Radhaas Ayurway. I had severe migraine and I was unable to sleep properly, the doctor gave me 14 days treatment . Head bath dhara was very good. I slept like a baby when they put oil on the forehead, I am gonna take my friends when I go there next time.”

Avinash Clinic Feedback

“I came from Nellore with my Aunt, the doctors have given us their time to understand what our problems were. Good knowledge of the problems and they have given us good medicines.”

Manaswini Clinic Feedback

“Very good clinic, doctors have a lot of patience, he gave us 45 minutes and time to understand our problem. We have taken 21 days for therapy for multiple problems. Medical counsellor explained the role of ayurveda in deep rooted problems. Wonderful team and ambience is like a temple”


Few Snapshots of Ayurway Wellness Center

  • Hyderabad, IND
  • Hyderabad, IND
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  • Pleasanton, USA
  • Hyderabad, IND
  • Hyderabad, IND
  • Pleasanton, USA
  • Pleasanton, USA

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