Healing Experts

Ms.Serena Malkani

Specialist-Sound Therapy

Serena Malkani is an organizational psychologist and ayurvedic counsellor who specializes in sound therapy. One of the most reputed sound practitioners in the country, Ms. Malkani belives that through Ayuryway, she can strive to use her experience and knowledge for serving wellness-seekers. Through the use of simple melodies, mantras, and ancient healing sounds, she creates a meditative experience that helps people release stuck emotions and remove energy blockages so that the body can restore itself back to harmony. With specific instruments and frequencies, her sessions reduce stress and anxiety, and aim to shift brainwave patterns to a theta state, allowing for prevention and deep healing to occur.

Dedicated to helping everyone increase their potential of being healthy, Ms. Malkani's mantra in life is "your energy is your currency; spend it well, invest it wisely". A big fan of Indian food, she loves to recommend the book "The Alchemist" to everyone.

Ms. Archana Madabattula

Pranic Healer and Aromatherapy Expert

Ms. Archana is a Spiritual Healer, experienced in Arhatic Yoga, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Aromatherapy, Pranic Psychotherapy, Basic Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Kriya Shakti.

She has done her certifications from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Pune.

Her extensive knowledge in Spiritual science combined with Aromatherapy makes her one of the best Pranic Healer in Hyderabad.

Her fresh, new, positive energy that she brings to Ayurway will teach you to apply mindful application of certain techniques to lead you to live a Spiritual way of life.

She enjoys reading "Master Choa kok Sui's Golden Lotus Sutras" with Zen Mediation Music and loves eating Veg sizzlers.

Mr. Padmesh. T. Nambiar

Panchakarma Therapist

Mr. Padmesh. T. Nambiar is a Panchkarma therapist at Ayurway and he has a twelve year experience in Panchkarma, Marma and Yoga behind him.

Mr. Nambiar specializes in treating one's blocked energy through Panchkarma and Marma therapies. Marmas are the subtle control points for all mental and physical functions that require special attention. His expertise in the area and his understanding of each patient's needs help in their healing and relaxation.

His favorite novel is Naalukettu. During leisure, one may find him actively involved in sports.

He motors forwards with "There is no higher religion than human service" as his inspiration each day.

Ms. Aparna T.V

Panchakarma Therapist

Ms. Aparna T.V is a Panchakarma Therapist at Ayurway and holds over a year's experience in treatments related to Ayurveda. She holds a diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma.

She believes in healing an individual not only by the right understanding of the treatment, but also by passing on one's own positive energy. An interaction with the patients at a one-to-one level helps her understand and resolve issues that they could be facing.

She holds an interest in reading novels and a passion for classical dance. "Only a life lived for others is worth living" is her favourite quote. Her favourite book is Anargha Nimisham (Invaluable Moment).

Ms. Archana Raj D.K

Panchakarma Therapist

Ms. Archana Raj D.K's works as a Panchakarma Therapist at Ayurway.

She sees Ayurway as a means to focus her energies in employing everything that she has learnt so far and to pass it on to the ones who get in touch with her. She holds a diploma in Ayurveda Panchkarma has a passion to provide utmost quality of health care to patients. "No life ever grows until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined" is the motto that drives her to serve her patients each day.

Her favourite book is Aatujeevitham and one may often find her recommending books for a good read to others.

Ms. Ambily M.P

Panchakarma Therapist

Ms. Ambily M.P holds a diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma, Marma Therapy and Aroma Massage Therapy along with a Diploma in Yoga. She holds an illustrious experience of fifteen years in Ayurvedic treatment.

She constantly strives to choose and recommend the right treatment to every individual who walks through the doors of Ayurway. She finds immense pleasure in helping people restore their health and feel one with their inner energies.

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" is her favourite quote. Balyakalasakhi is her favourite book. For someone who soars high on helping others, it is hardly a surprise that she loves high jumps in sports.

Mr. Pavan Kumar Reddy

Yoga Guru

Pavan Kumar Reddy is the co-founder of Saha and is a semi-qualified CS and CA, who left it all to pursue his calling; Yoga. He has gone through over 2000 hours of intense training in teaching Hatha yoga at the Isha foundation. Has worked at Isha rejuvenation for over a year as a full-time Hatha yoga teacher before he co-founded Saha.

His spiritual journey started with the thoughts and teachings of Sadhguru. He is a self-taught painter and has numerous inspired/original works. He finds poetry to be the media to express his deepest thoughts. In spite of these, he has chosen yoga as a career and wants to guide every individual into following a healthy lifestyle.

Ms. Usha Bhargavi

Yoga Guru

Usha Bhargavi is an entrepreneur, an agriculturist and the co-founder of Saha. She has obtained several certifications from the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management(MANAGE),Hyderabad as a young agricultural extensionist and on multiple other agri-business related schemes. She works a part-time lecturer in imparting organic farming and research. A true agripreneur, if one can say so. Owing to her personality, yoga and spirituality have been a natural part of her life from a very young age. She holds a Yoga Instructor's certificate from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore. The fact that she has received a 2000 hour intense training in teaching Hatha yoga at Isha foundation, makes her a not only a certified teacher, but a bankable one.

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