The Causes of Oral Cancer

Oral and oropharyngeal cancer affects close to fifty four thousand individuals (out of which approximately thirteen thousand four hundred lose their lives to it) in the United States of America alone. In most cases, it is discovered in the later stages of its development and thus is a great cause of distress. There are several causes of oral cancer that must be known to aid timely prevention of the condition.

One of the major biological causes of the cancer, apart from bacteria and fungi, is HPV16 or the human papilloma virus number 16, which is responsible for the creation of carcinogenic cells in the oral cavity. HPV16 is the causative agent of the cancer among young non-smoking victims and can also be transmitted sexually. A diet low in nutrition, especially avoiding fruits and vegetables, can be a cause of developing an HPV16 infection. Readmore

Myths and Facts about Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the most widespread types of cancer. It falls under the larger category of Oral, head and neck cancer. Around 550,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed worldwide annually, amongst which 110,000 are from the United States of America (6% of all cancer cases in the U. S.). Due to the complexities involved in the disease, there are several myths being circulated around oral cancer. These myths need to be tackled with proper information about the disease in order to cure it efficiently.... Readmore

Oral Cancer Preventive Care

Oral and oropharyngeal cancer is an extremely widespread form of cancer and an issue of global health concern today. Its early detection is not only necessary but also quite simple. By adopting these preventive measures on a daily basis, one can steer clear of the risk of developing oral cancer.

The most important measure to prevent an oral cavity infection is maintaining oral hygiene by regular brushing and flossing of teeth. An unhealthy mouth breeds dangerous bacteria that weaken one's immune system, making one easily susceptible to the condition... Readmore

Oral Cancer Survivor

It has been a year since she overcame the disease, yet the memories are still fresh in her mind. Each phase that she went through while being treated, has only made her stronger. This is the story of a woman who bravely fought through the ordeal of battling oral cancer and emerged victorious. Let?'s hear the story of a woman of substance, Nagurbee Shaikh.

Nagurbee was diagnosed with 2nd stage oral cancer under a set of peculiar circumstances. She had reported feeling weak and having headaches, for which the treatment was undertaken by her physician.... Readmore