Oral Cancer Survivor

It has been a year since she overcame the disease, yet the memories are still fresh in her mind. Each phase that she went through while being treated, has only made her stronger. This is the story of a woman who bravely fought through the ordeal of battling oral cancer and emerged victorious. Let?s hear the story of a woman of substance, Nagurbee Shaikh.

Nagurbee was diagnosed with 2nd stage oral cancer under a set of peculiar circumstances. She had reported feeling weak and having headaches, for which the treatment was undertaken by her physician. It was only during a regular appointment with her ophthalmologist that she found out that she has severe complications in her oral region. She consulted a dentist who advised her to go through several tests at the Balaji Cancer Hospital. After 5 days, her husband went to collect the report, and was intimated that Nagurbee was diagnosed with 2nd stage oral cancer. Reportedly, he fainted on the spot.

Nagurbee's diagnosis revealed that the cancer had spread from her jaw to her tongue. Therefore, the surgeon had to operate on her tongue too. After the surgery, she had to undergo radiation, but was exempted from chemotherapy. For 4 months after her operation, she was kept under a strict diet of liquids. She also had recurring instances of cough and vomiting in the initial stage after recovery. In order to cure that, Nagurbee and her husband also relocated to Gujarat for a brief period, where they tried Ayurvedic medicines. After coming back to Hyderabad, they continued the course of Ayurveda which brought about a significant recovery in her post-surgery condition.

Today, a year after defeating cancer, Nagurbee can eat her favourite spices and dishes. Her daughter, who is married and has recently been blessed with a son, is extremely proud of her mother?s courage. Her son, who is currently studying mechanical engineering, aspires to support the family after graduation. She is also immensely grateful to Mr Sharath, who helped her with her surgery, finances and Ayurveda treatment. Her family has helped her prominenty in getting her daily life back on track. They have also started taking ample precautions for their own health. After a long battle against the disease, Nagurbee persists proudly as a survivor.

-Nivid Desai