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Ayurvedic Consultation

Begin to create your optimum health and peace of mind with your Ayurvedic specialist.

Ayurvedic Health Assessment by Pulse Analysis

For the first time in India, Ayurway is applying the ancient holistic knowledge of Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Analysis) by combining it with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) technology. We provide personalized health solutions for diet, herbal therapy, aromatherapy and lifestyle for all using Pulse Analysis.

Ayurway Cancer Supportive Care Program (ACSC)

Ayurveda, Western Herbology, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Supplements and Spiritual healing, combined with conventional cancer treatment for the individual’s well-being.

Digital Detox

A type of detox refraining from using all electronic devices for a given period of time.

Stress Buster

A combination of therapies to relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress from the mind and body.

Shed some Kilos

A combination of therapies to help you be healthy, active and energetic and be in shape.

Frequent Travelers

A combination of therapies for frequent travelers to relieve pain and stress.

Long hours on desk

A number of therapies to relieve stress, pain and stiffness from the body for working professionals.

Body Beautiful series

We have put together a series of therapies for skin, hair and face in association with Mril Q wellness to bring out the best results in beauty wellness.


Involves massage of the body with dosha-specific warm herb infused oils

₹ 1200


Involves gently pouring of warm herbal oil to the center of the forehead in a continuous stream.

₹ 2500

Kati Basti

Musculoskeletal treatment for disorders of back that involve muscle (mamsa), ligaments, bones (ashti), vertebrae and nerves (majja).

₹ 1500

Dhanyamla Dhara

A treatment procedure in which medicated fermented liquid is poured over the body in monitored streams for a fixed duration of time

₹ 3000


Nasyam is a Panchakarma therapy to treat headache or ENT related disorders such as sinusitis, migraine, ear, nose or throat.

₹ 1000

Pinda Sweda

Ayurvedic massage which is done with warm medicated herbal oils and herb bags with combination of herbs.

₹ 1800 onwards

Janu Vasti

Janu Vasti is a specialized ayurvedic treatment to relieve the knee pain caused due to arthritis by strengthening the knee muscles and joints.

₹ 1500

Greeva Vasti

Greeva Vasti is essentially the holding of herbal oils on the spine, starting from the neck.

₹ 1500


Massage therapy treatment based on powders composed of medicinal herbs which stimulates the metabolic process

₹ 1500

Mukha lepam

Mukha lepam ayurvedic therapy is the best therapy for most of the face related issues.

₹ 1500 onwards

Ayurway combines the excellence of ancient ayurvedic wisdom with modern technology, to provide highest levels of mind & body relaxation.

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